share experiences postgraduate (S2) registration test

the first, before you registration test in University what you want, you must preparation of requirement in university you choose.

list of general preparataion requirement on university

  1. you must have certificate language skill, example TOEFL value >450,/ IELTS value >6.00, etc.
  2. and you must have certificate academic potential test/TPA, value of TPA >500
  3. you must good answer of interview and you must can answer of paper best test, example TOEFL & TPA
  4. this preparation too importent, grade of your bachelor university, example A, B, C
  5. not only that, this importent too, what your work, i thing if you work as lecturer, this is impotent point of you to recieve in university

some standart additional requirement is

  1. must input your research, example thesis or etc
  2. must input approval letter from lacturer in bechelor university

if you was finished preparation of requirement, start now you can do requirement on Your choice university

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